Bärbel Rothhaar
back Milk & Honey – Bee Figures and Video, 2002-2009

A group of figurative ceramic sculptures sensitively connects the world of the bees with that of women. Rothhaar uses her hollow-built, terracotta, women´s busts, heads and torsos as the home for the bees, the bee hive. Small body openings, like nipples, are used as entrances and exits for the bees, playing with the connotation of the body as a vessel.

After having shown the bee figures in several exhibitions (for instance “Wax Identities”, Kolbe-Museum Berlin), the artist developed this theme further as a video project. To the images of the ceramic sculpture, with the bees flying in and out of the female breast, she added stories of women about breastfeeding.

It is now shown in an interactive installation, called the “Milk & Honey Bar”, with the aim to collect more stories for the video. Some very personal experiences have been shared with others for the first time.
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