Bärbel Rothhaar
back Bread & Honey
Performance-Project about Food

Eating and drinking are far more than pure intake of nutrition in order to sustain bodily functions. Food has a cultural dimension and forms identity. The mythology of certain foodstuffs like bread in the western and rice in oriental cultures have inspired many artists. Eating rituals and habits, food taboos or preferences, or feelings of desire or revulsion can be incitement and motif. In eating and drinking all senses take part.

In May 2008 we worked on a project together with four Unesco-Project-Schools in Lower Saxony and performed it at Theater Lüneburg. In 2008/2009, the Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung made it possible to realize a similar project in Berlin which explores the theme in four different art media – dance, music, writing and visual arts.

Idea, visual arts: Bärbel Rothhaar
Music: Kathi Kelsh and Boris Bell
Choreography, dance: Ricarda Schuh
Words, text installation: Christiane Keppler


Theater Lüneburg, May 2007 with 60 students of four Unesco-Project-Schools

Galerie Wedding, Berlin, April 24, 2009
in cooperation with
Kurt-Tucholsky-Grundschule, Moabit
Moabiter Ratschlag e.V. / Schulgarten Moabit
Leonardo da Vinci-Gymnasium, Neukölln
Musikschule Fanny Hensel, Berlin-Mitte
Musikschule Lüneburg
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