Bärbel Rothhaar
back Neural Net
Mosaic at Robert-Havemann-Oberschule, Berlin-Pankow, 2012

The Mosaic was the result of a three-month long school project in collaboration with the Gläsernes Labor (Transparent Lab), BBB Management GmbH Campus Berlin-Buch. Thirty students and their art teacher Marcel Kröner were involved in it.

During a visit at Gläsernes Labor, the students made scientific experiments about their own body´s nerve system. We aimed at developing an artistic perspective on scientific imagery and procedures. This involved questioning the visual media of science and art, their “objectivity” and “subjectivity”.

The students then designed their “own“nerve cells and linked them in a collaborative work, representing a neural net. Enlarging the design, we found the detailed structure of mosaic quite appropriate for rastered images. The round mosaic, 2 meters in diameter, was then installed in the school´s lobby, in part as an allusion to the school´s scientific disposition and its frequent collaborations with Gläsernes Labor.

Sponsored by Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung Berlin
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